About us

We want to change the conversation about weight loss. For two decades we held senior positions in the weight loss industry – we designed and delivered hard core exercise and food programs at a nationally recognized fit / fat farm and we worked with a major weight loss provider. Throughout this period of time we witnessed people counting calories or skipping meals to lose weight and spending endless hours at the gym doing things they didn’t like trying to lose the weight. And while some people were successful using this model – eat less and exercise more – a lot more people didn’t lose weight or the weight came off very slowly and they gave up.

So in 2000, we added something new to conversation of weight loss – we talked about detox, probiotics, gut health and food sensitivities. We altered the programs of the past with this knowledge and watched what happened. People lost weight. People got healthier.

When we worked at the brick and mortar type weight loss business that provided counseling we knew having a coach was not only important but necessary. Having someone to work with while changing patterns and ideas about food made a huge difference. A coach can provide guidance in taking the right supplements.  And for anyone who has attempted to lose weight, it can be an emotional roller coaster – having someone to talk to when it’s tough stops the negative self talk and stops defeat. A good coach is worth their weight in gold. Ask any athlete.

Fast forward to 2015. We wanted to make a difference. We wanted to make it easier for more people to access these programs. We wanted more people to be part of the conversation of understanding that it isn’t calories that’s the problem but it’s their gut health, it’s about the choices of foods that create better health and faster weight loss, and we knew that the fast weight loss meant better success.

So we created FEWL – Fast Easy Weight Loss – health and weight loss programs that fix the problems. And because of how the world works nowadays, it’s online which means anytime that works for you. We wanted to make it easy and accessible for everyone — for you.