FEWL detox kit remove toxins causing weight gain, belly fat, cravings and bad mood

In January, 2011, scientists from the EPA, FDA, the National Toxicology Program and the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences attended the NTP workshop on the Role of Environmental Chemicals in developing Diabetes and Obesity.

They agreed that environmental toxins were a key reason, perhaps the MAIN reason, why the world’s population and particularly Americans, has gained weight so quickly in the past 4 decades and why we are so fat, so sick and so unhealthy compared to our parents and grandparents.

The genesis for this conference came from the research of scientists at UC Berkeley who in 2006 showed that fish very rapidly gained excessive weight and that their entire hormone systems and fat metabolism was so completely screwed up by chemicals in the water, that the ah-ha moment of explaining rising obesity and illness in the USA (and the world) clicked.  The UC Berkeley crew was repeating experiments and research from Japanese scientists in 2002, and it was so dramatic and repeatable, it could not be ignored. They even coined a new term for chemicals that cause weight gain, called ‘Obesogens.’

More recently, the term ‘Endocrine Disruptor’ has been used to describe the messed up hormone systems from chemicals.

Science recognizes that toxic chemicals are related to disease, hormone imbalances, mood and WEIGHT GAIN! Toxins are everywhere—in the environment, inside our homes, our offices, our cars and inside our bodies.  Every day, we eat, drink, touch and breathe an average of 220 chemicals and like a glass filling with water. When we get too full of the toxic load, the toxic load overwhelms our liver and intestine’s systems to neutralize or eliminate them.  

Yes, we have detox systems to get convert these fat-chemicals into water-soluble chemicals that get removed in our urine, our breath, our sweat and our poop, but these systems were never designed to manage 220 chemicals every single day of our lives… or 80,000 (and growing) every year we are alive. If your health-expert or doctor is still disputing the value of detox and chemical overload, well, how up to date are they?

FEWL’s Detox – Reset program provides specific supplements to accelerate detox and fat-chemical removal by boosting each of the three main detox pathways:

  1. the Phase 1 and 2 liver enzymes (called the cytochrome P-450 enzyme pathways, for you biochemistry experts)
  2. The Phase 3 systems for elimination, including bowel, gall bladder, bile and kidney functions.

Because of our overloaded systems and generally poor diets in America, we intake more toxins than we can excrete, that’s why we are so fat and have more health issues than any other first world country. Science has proven that toxins are stored in fat cells, which actually makes the fat cells bigger and which likely means the more overweight you are, the more toxic you are. Naturally, the heavier you are, the more toxic load you can release from fat cells and the more your body systems of the liver, kidney and intestine need to be nourished to eliminate the toxic load. 

Toxins come from three places:  

  1. Environmental:
  • Each year, 2,500,000 pounds of mercury emissions are released in our air and 2,500,000,000 pounds of 80,000 other chemicals are released into our environment. 
  • Estrogen-like chemicals are now so prolific in our drinking water from factories and from people flushing old medications down the toilet, that fish in Puget Sound near Seattle have been diagnosed as ‘estrogen toxic’ and changing sex from male to female as a result. This sounds fishily similar to seeing so many young men today sporting man-boobs and having low sex drive.
  • Mold inside of our homes and buildings, plus bad bacteria in our bowels releases endotoxins, which are toxic to us. 
  • Living in a city, near a highway or a busy street, a golf course, a hair or nail salon, or living on or near a farm that uses chemical sprays will increase your toxic exposure. 
  • We ingest 30-50 tons of food followingThe Standard American Diet and it is a large source of our daily toxicity. Ninety percent (90%) of the toxins in our food supply are found in conventional, industrial, non-organic animal products
  1. Lifestyle:
  • Prescription medications
  • Nicotine, 
  • alcohol, 
  • caffeine, 
  • excessiveartificial additives,  
  • colorings and preservatives, 
  • refined foods and sugars, 
  • fast foods.
  1. Internal:
  • Bacterial, yeast, fungal overgrowth, metabolic reactions, undigested food.
  • Stress, unresolved trauma and abuse, unhappy relationships. 
  • Toxic chemicals are also created inside us by our negative emotions, like stress, jealousy, anger, frustration.

Based on this science, we recommend a medical-grade detox-reset program, such as FEWL’s, for everyone twice a year as a reset and a maintenance protocol. If you are overweight or have other health issues you wish to address and get rid of, ring us to see if we can assist.

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