Hormones and why you need to test them

Gaining Willpower: Hormones

The truth of the matter is willpower doesn’t work for 99% of the time, UNLESS you also balance the hormones that control your behaviors. Hormones in our brains and bodies drive our decisions: everything related to hormones “tells” us what to do – eat, sleep, be fat or be skinny, what our metabolism is and even whether to be happy (or not).

So what is willpower?

It’s that inner reserve of motivation that we believe will get us where we want to go. So in our minds it seems easy to ‘just say no’ to the indulgences and ‘just say yes’ to the activities and things we tell ourselves we ‘should’ be doing. The trick is to boost your ‘willpower’ by removing the barriers of hormone imbalances and replacing them with the balances that make willpower a snap.

Here’s an over-simplified look at the major hormones we re-balance at FEWL and why we work with these ones to get the biggest bang in the easiest and fastest rewards for better health and weight loss.


We love this one. We really do. Serotonin isn’t truly a hormone, but it’s important enough to be included here. This is your mood controller, your sleep controller, your sex and libido controller and serotonin also assists greatly in your gut health, digestion and appetite. Makes sense, since 90% of your serotonin & mood control is made in your GUT, NOT your brain…. Better gut means everything in life is easier, happier and healthier simply from fixing your serotonin production


Made in the stomach, ghrelin controls stimulates your appetite when you need food. Problem is, stress causes you to release more of the stuff, which makes you hungrier and crave more when stressed… this is the NUMBER ONE reason for people to fall off their diets – they get stressed and their ghrelin takes over. There’s no willpower involved, just good ‘ol chemistry that you can control with the right FEWL tools


The ‘hunger hormone.’ This guy controls your “I’m full” response, making you full depending on whether you need food or if you’ve eaten enough. Thing is, leptin doesn’t work properly, at all, when you are stressed, when you are not “reasonably” and consistently active or when you eat inflammatory foods. Worse, the production of leptin goes down the more body fat you have – meaning your appetite and “I’m full” triggers get completely whacked out.


Insulin regulates blood sugar. Poor diet and life choices and chronic STRESS eventually make the body resistant to insulin’s signals, creating high insulin and high blood sugar. This turns insulin into a fat storage and sex hormone-disruptive shit disturber.

Cortisol and DHEA

Adrenal hormones play a key role in just about every system of the body.  Chronic stress IS getting in the way of your willpower and your metabolism.  Food choices, parasites as well toxic substances and other external stressors can be just as harmful to your adrenals as outside stressors like relationships and finances.  Much more on this topic to come!


Sex Hormones – Testosterone / Estrogen / Progesterone

All of these steroid hormones are related to your fat metabolism, your belly fat, sex drive, muscle mass, mood, body toxicity level and even your parasite balances in your gut.  There’s too much to write about here in this blog, but you can find out more in our DUTCH test blog.

FEWL uses a simple urine test to determine your hormone balances and how best to support YOU in your personalized program to get you where you want to go faster and easier (and less expensively!) than any other program we can think of.

The best part about all these hormone balances? They can ALL be corrected and maintained with FEWL’s anti-inflammatory diet and even better corrected and maintained with appropriate FEWL supplements, including:

Want to find out what your hormone balances might be?

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